theinsideoutcrayon asked:

Hmmm I don't wanna seem intrusive but here are mine: 148 , 105 , 78 and 123

78; one person I cant hide things from; my mom, she knows everything.
105: my family: I love my family, they piss me off a lot. I’m closer to my mom and my sisters than anyone else though
123: Yankees or red socks; Yankees.
148:summer or winter: summer

Anonymous asked:

154 , 46

46: more guy or girl friends: girls
156: hugs or kisses: hugs; when someone hugs you, you can tell how much your an to them by how long and hard they hug you, and if you’re upset one hug by the right person can change that within seconds.

Anonymous asked:

One I think you are so beautiful. And two my numbers for you (did you see that I rymed that... I just saw that too.. yeah) anyways the numbers are: 2, 3, 20 and lastly 30.. hope that's not too many.. :)

Aw thank you πŸ’œ and
My favorite:
2 dog: either golden retriever, lab, or husky.
3-comedian: no favorite, as long as I’m laughing doesn’t matter.
20:holiday this is hard, I love the feeling of Christmas, yet I love fireworks, and scary things, and food, ugh either thanksgivings, or Christmas
30: actress: Anna Kendrick

Anonymous asked:

166, I think 164-162 are basically the same questions but yeah those will do

Do I believe in:
166:yourself; I try to, but sometimes I just give up.
164:heaven; yes
163:hell; yes
162:God; of course i do